The recipe of the month: seasoned olives with mandarine and savory

Olives seasoned with mandarine and savory

Olives are the appetizer par excellence. And the Arbequina, the table olives in our area. This olive is small and it is little “fleshy” but it has an intense and very tasty flavor.

As we use them for many dishes, from time to time we season them and give them a different “touch”.


At home we have already assumed but we see that they have a great success with the visits we have and that’s why we share this idea, which is very simple but it attracts a lot of attention and is very good.

Put the olives in a container (both to use for appetizer and to add to the salad) and you just have to season with the seasoning Olicatessen& mandarine and Savory. It is advisable to leave it at least 30 minutes before consuming them so that it permeates well the aroma and taste.

Have a try!

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