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  • The Olives

    The fruit of the olive tree as it is, the arbequina, preserved by traditional techniques to maintain its concentrate flavor and natural properties.

  • Olive Pate

    The best of the olive oil and the olives of Olicatessen meet in this cream to enhance and distinguish the most exquisite dishes…

  • Mature arbequina tapenade

    Tapenade or olive paste mature Arbequina. Fine, soft, tasty, distinguished, elegant.

    100% olive pulp with a very nice texture that transforms a vinaigrette into a delicatessen. For cheeses, grilled vegetables, boiled or steamed fish, pasta ….

  • Olive oil Soap

    The olive oil soap was already used by Romans due to its natural properties excellent for the skin. Today Olicastessen rediscovers it for everyone to enjoy it.

Chocolate cream

The sweetest Olicatessen

Chocolate cream with milk, hazelnuts and extra virgin olive oil Olicatessen.

Hazelnut flavor, dense creaminess that melts in the mouth, succulent cocoa. A delight that improves the desserts, snacks and breakfasts of children and those who are not so.

The only added fat, is the extra virgin olive oil Olicatessen, making it, apart from a delicious tasting, a much healthier, nutritious and easier to digest.

All ingredients used to make this cream are certified organic products.

Olicatessen &

Extra virgin olive oil and essential oils of herbs (thyme, mint, rosemary, tarragon and basil), all organic farming.

An oil which aromatizes dishes in a sublime way, tasty, natural, discreet and surprising.

For traditional and innovative dishes, sweet and savory, meat or fish, pasta and rice … up to where imagination can create!

Innovate, experiment and enjoy!

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Exquisite Presents

Combining the best of Olicatessen may become a great present for company gifts, compromises, friends and family. A present that distinguish to whom receives it and who gives it.

You can send us your recipes, tricks and suggestions of use and we will be glad to publish them at our blog!

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