Weather and geology of the Mediterranean area benefits both the crop of olives and herbs, and are a fundamental reference in our cuisine.

Herbs surround the fields and in one way or another influence our olive oil. And as we have them available and are part of our landscape, cuisine and culinary tradition, we present OLICATESSEN &

Our traditional olive oil mixed with essential oil herbs from traditional Mediterranean territory: Fresh, intense, fragrant, stimulating …

It is not elaborated adding a branch herb or a piece of fruit. We elaborate with the essential oil of the plant, to prevent rancidity *.

We add to the Extra Virgin Olive Oil the essential oil thus maintaining the properties and characteristics of both oils.

Empowering, enriching and complementing each other.

This oil does not become rancid!

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a natural preservative to “protect” or keep a food or seasoning gives all its antioxidant properties to the other food, losing it (olive oil) all its organoleptic properties (what we name rancidity)

  • Olicatessen & Rosemary

    Extra virgin olive oil and rosemary essential oil. Organic.

    Rosemary is grown in dry areas of the Mediterranean region. For its essential oil content is used as a condiment for cooked or raw dishes, bringing their fresh fragrance and color.

    This oil with a stimulating aroma is particularly suitable for cooking lamb, white meats and fish. As well as for cheese dressing and sweets (black chocolate) and to make cakes.

  • Olicatessen & Mint

    Extra virgin olive oil and mint essential oil. Organic

    Commonly consumed in our surroundings, both for cooking and decorating and infuse. Very aromatic plant, refreshing and healer with tonic and stimulant virtues.

    Recommend this oil to dress the lettuce, beans, peas and cream vegetable soups.
    For fruits like strawberry, pear and orange ….. especially with chocolate.

  • Olicatessen & Basil

    Extra virgin olive oil and basil essential oil. Organic

    Basil is greatly appreciated as an ingredient for the preparation of sauces.

    This fragrant oil, aromatic, warm and sweet can be very creative in the kitchen, both raw and for cooking.

    It is suitable for rice, cheese, eggplant, mushrooms and boletus, vegetables, carpaccio and pasta

  • Olicatessen & Tarragon

    Extra virgin olive oil and essential oil of tarragon. Organic

    The tarragon is a resistant plant that has been extended and adapted to different areas. Grown for centuries in the Mediterranean area and we may find recipes all over.
    Its spicy aromatic leaves give the tone perfumed oil, aniseed and paused.

    Recommended as a seasoning for stews, chicken, eggs and seafood..

  • Olicatessen & Thyme

    Extra virgin olive oil and thyme essential oil. Organic

    The thyme plant by excellence healer tradition for its digestive properties, tonic and stimulant has been used since ancient times throughout the Mediterranean region.

    Common uses for this oil are for dressing, for cooking soups, white and red meat, blue fish, cheese and white beans.

  • Olicatessen & Garlic

    Extra virgin olive oil and garlinc essential oil. Organic

    Garlic is an essential ingredient in the Mediterranean cuisine. Traditionally used as a detoxifying, stimulating defenses and many other medicinal properties.

    For bread, the pizza, pasta, chicken and soups is where we give it more use.

  • Olicatessen & Lemon and Ginger

    Extra virgin olive oil and lemon and gínger essential oil. Organic

    Very aromatic spice lemon and ginger found in the mouth. It is a complex oil and season highlights.

    Specially suitable for with fish, salads, chicken, duck and fruit salads.

  • Olicatessen & Mandarin and Savory

    Extra virgin olive oil and essential oil of mandarin and savory. Organic

    Savory is “Olive’s herbs” because traditionally, especially in Lleida, has been used marinade seasoning.

    Mushrooms, potatoes and cold meats are the perfect partners for this oil. Also to make vinaigrettes and dressing olives.

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