To dress and cook Olicatessen can not miss

To dress and cook
Olicatessen can not miss.

Either to season or to cook with Olicatessen you will make the difference. We give you some tips of use where you can show off.


Olicatessen to dress:

  • Fish and chicken grilled or grilled. (The heat of the fish increases the green aromas of the oil)
  • Pasta or boiled rice, without sauces. Both cold and hot you will give a touch of vegetables and tomato that will make a dish “boring” in a great lunch / dinner.
  • Green salad and / or tomato. To enhance all the aromas and flavors of the salads !!!!

Olicatessen for cooking:

  • Egg. Both a fried egg, and an omelet, what a difference!
  • Vegetables. Especially sautéed artichokes, squash (little drops and with the lid on) and mushrooms. Increases and enriches the vegetable flavor.
  • Potato. You must try it …

Any questions, you know! You can contact us and ask at any time!

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