The word of the month: Protected Designation of Origin

Protected Designations of Origin (PDOs) and Protected Geographical Indications (PGIs) constitute the system used in our country for the recognition of a differentiated quality, due to its own and differential characteristics, due to the geographical environment in which raw materials are produced, The products are produced, and the influence of the human factor involved in them.
Source: Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment

The idea or objective is that the producers that accept the Denomination of Origin, undertake to maintain the quality of the product elaborated and some traditional basic techniques of elaboration; For example, in the case of wine, in certain areas it is required to use the traditional grape of the area.

Likewise, there are public regulating bodies of the Denomination of Origin, which endorse and authorize to show this qualification, to the producers of the region that comply with these established rules.

oliva arbequina

In the case of oil, and more specifically in our area in particular (Les Garrigues), it is required that the only variety that is allowed is ARBEQUINA. This aspect, mainly for which we are NOT within the DO Garrigues. There are other varieties older than Arbequina, which some farmers are actually recovering to give value to the area. First nonsense

Another aspect that is supposed to guarantee is the quality of the product. And to guarantee the quality of the olive oil, is it possible to pack in transparent PLASTIC ?? Second nonsense. The pastiche passes the ultraviolet rays and if at any time the temperatures are high, the aromas and flavors of the plastic will alter the organoleptic properties of the oil.

Finally, they ensure correct and environmentally friendly farming practices. Question: Why not no organic mills are in the PDO? Third nonsense.

DOs should be updated, because the goal is really good. But the implementation and the slowness of the changes do not give a real answer to the needs of the consumer or the farmers.

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