The word of the month: Oil Mill

Of the Arabic المعصرة, al-ma’ṣara, “the press”) is the place, mill or industry where the oil is obtained from the olive or olive; Also gives name to the mechanism with which the fruits are squeezed. In some parts of Spain it is also called trujal

Etymology: Of the Hispanic Arab almaṣára, and this of the classic Arab maṣarah.

There is evidence of the first presses in the Copper Age. The economic emergence of these civilizations capable of producing and exporting olive oil, as well as their constant motivation to trade with the Egyptian ports, made their use gradually institutionalized
(From: Agrarian Bulletin)

vista del molino nevado

At present, most mills use the “continuous system” to grind the olives. This can be of two or three phases, depending on the products obtained: oil and alperujo (two phases, the most used at the moment) or oil, marc and alpechín (three phases).

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