The word of the month: milling

Definition: Grinding grains or fruits

Milling is a process that tries to extract the juice of several products of the earth.

Unlike the traditional system which is discontinuous, modern systems in two or three phases are continuous.
Milling is done with cylindrical machines equipped with mechanical hammers. The blender is usually formed by three hollow cylinders with paddles to remove the dough.

The extraction is through a horizontal centrifuge or decanted where the liquid is separated by the difference of density that there is with the oil.

In the three-phase system are obtained from lower to higher density: oil, alpechín and marc or pomace

In the two-phase system using modified centrifuges you get only oil and a mixture of alpechín and marc.

The objective of the two phases is to produce no less liquid residue that is difficult to remove and very polluting.

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