The oil of the year!

oli entrant al dipósit

oli entrant al dipósit

When we buy or someone presents us products of those that likes us to enjoy, that you know that “for sure we will surprise our guest” we all tend to save them to wait for a special occasion. With the oil but can wait but not too much.

The oil, to enjoy it at 100% and be able to taste all the flavors that offers us, has to be new oil, oil of the year. Step by step oils begins to lose aromas, tastes,,, therefore has to be eaten “as sooner, the better”.

venanci catant

venanci catant

If an oil is left in a corner of our storeroom will not hurt us as is a natural preservative, but if two years have passed probably it will have lost many of the aromas and tastes that offered us at first.

So we suggest you that when you have new olive oil, look for the occasion!

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