The Molí

The art of making olive oil

Equip Olicatessen

Molí dels Torms is the dream of two historic families who arrived to the olive oil world through different paths but since 2005 work together with a common ideology:

to produce a high quality ecological extra virgin olive oil, with its well-known organoleptic value, fruit from our respect for nature and for whom enjoy it

Tradition and innovation

Combining the knowledge and experience of the tradition, talent and innovation has given to Moli dels Torms the correct attitude to grow and improve with equilibrium and respect.

This way, Moli dels Torms grows a number of products with exclusive processes, more efficient with highest quality and respectful with the environment and at the same time compromised with the science participating in projects as:

  • Research with the University of Lleidalooking for/selecting an olive varietal that due to its high concentration of oligolements could help to fight cancer.
  • Recovering local varieties with the Slow Food Association.

“Les Garrigues” a dry land of intense flavor

A clay land, with shallow depth, an extreme weather with big temperature variations, a big contrast between different seasons and a low rainfall are the ideal conditions to obtain a unique olive of concentrated flavors and aromas.

Taylor made Installation

The mill is located on the olive grove estate to guarantee that the quality of the product is not damaged during transportation.

Moli dels Torms philosophy is the quality and respect that is applied to all equipment and processes that allows achieve the production of Olicatessen Olive Oil .

The realization of a dream

The effort and passion of Moli dels Torms team has in its short history unbeatable results.
Actually, exports 75% of its production which is sold in the best locations worldwide andthis olive oil has deserved a long list of recognitions, national and international awards that shows very positive about the task developed and encourage us to continue improving and consolidate as a world reference in olive oils.

This innovative process, studied and meticulous in the details, has been awarded in 2008 with the TASTUM prizeas the most innovative food industry company.

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