the 2018 Olicatessen is….

On October the 9th we started the olive harvesting campaign, and we found that the new varieties that we are recovering started an early maturation.

So, as you know we like the green olive oil so characteristic of Olicatessen, we decided to start the harvest. After a few weeks of repose and decanting in the tanks, the aromas change and evolve.

We are especially proud of the result.


This harvest, Olicatessen has been especially aromatic, very fruity, veggie (artichoke, almond, tomato, green grass, fennel and anise) and harmonious at nose. The palate has a silky, enveloping and balanced, less spicy and bitter than other harvest, but extremely tasty


Made with Arbequina as oil base in a 80% and Arbreblanc and Verdal, two of the traditional varieties that are being recovered.

The chemical analysis of Olicatessen:2017_2018_chemical_analisis

The result of Olicatessen oficial tasting:2017_2018_organoleptic_eng


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