Reasons to consume quality extra virgin olive oil. Reason 7

Analytics Controlled chemical parameters, certificates and professional tastings.

To be able to label an oil as extra virgin olive oil, it is necessary to comply with a series of physical, chemical and sensory analyzes.

spider net taste 2013

spider net taste 2013

The European Community gives the classification parameters for olive oils in REGULATION (EC) Nº. 2568/91 OF THE COMMISSION of 11 November 2003, on the characteristics of olive oils and olive-pomace oils and on their methods of analysis.

Extra virgin olive oil is considered a very important product in the Mediterranean diet due to its nutritional properties. It contains oleic acid (mono unsaturated), linoleic (omega-6, omega3) as polyunsaturated. It is a product recommended for its level of natural antioxidants (vitamin E) and amount of polyphenols. All of them very beneficial for health.


At Olicatessen, we publish every campaign all the analytics and certificates so that consumers can evaluate and certify that the oil they are consuming is EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL, it is a product certified as ORGANIC and of great quality.


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