Reasons to consume quality extra virgin olive oil. Reason 6

Storage and packaging
Once the oil is ready, or it is packaged or stored.

The storage system is very important. The main enemies of the oil are: oxygen (from the air that volatilizes the aromas), high temperatures (at more than 28 degrees the oil begins to degrade) and ultraviolet rays.

Therefore, the Olicatessen olive oil oil, is maintained until the time of packaging in a chamber at controlled temperature between 16 and 18 degrees, throughout the year!

The deposits are of INOX and without oxygen.


The container where the oil is packaged also helps maintain (or not) the properties and quality of the oil.

Unfortunately, the more economical the container is, the less it tends to protect … the plastic, for example, lets the ultraviolet rays pass and also, if we leave the container in a warm area, the plastic ends up transferring its aromas to the oil. On the other hand, the bag-in-box, the ceramic, the tin and the tetra brick are the most opaque containers that respect the oil the most.

Olicatessen oil only canned in cans (it is one of the most opaque systems) and dark glass.


The oil should be kept in dark places and away from sources of heat.

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