Reasons to consume quality extra virgin olive oil. Reason 3

The cleaning of the olive.

The usual process, once the olives arrive in the mill, is to clean the olives in enormous vats filled with water. The water favors and accelerates the process of putrefaction of any fruit. The large amount of water that is required to make a good cleaning of the olive, from our point of view, is not very respectful with the environment.

(The Olicatessen process)

Olives Olicatessen, being an organic olive (we do not use pesticides or phytosanitary products not authorized) and not having touched the ground (inverted umbrella), arrives clean at the oil mill. The cleaning is done by air aspiration of leaves and shoots through vending machine. For this task, a customized machine has been designed to maintain control over the waste and then convert it into composting.


By this point of the process, in 2008, the Generalitat of Catalonia awarded us for agri-food innovation.

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