Reasons to consume quality extra virgin olive oil of. Reason 1

The harvest

the way in which olive is harvested, it really makes the difference. There are many types of harvesting

Recollectors: the super intensive ones. Be completely mechanical.

Order” / Manual: the olive is collected manually. It is a very expensive and laborious technique. Especially when the olive is very green or when you want to use this olive to make table olives.
Beat: The farmer uses a rod or a long pole to make the olive fall shaking and stroking the branches of the olive tree. The olive falls on the erasers or directly on the ground. With this technique, the olive tree suffers a lot since it loses many of its branches and leaves in the blow and is generally considered to accentuate the vicious (alternation of production, a very, very little year). However, it is a very widespread method because of its high productivity.

With Applause: they are really effective helping to trim the collection time of the olives. It is like passing a few pints of the olive branches and these will be releasing the olives of the tree.

Vibration: mechanical form with self-propelled vibrators, vibratory tweezers coupled to the tractor or with hand-driven vibrators. It is an evolution of the manual “shaking” made by “day laborers” in which the branches were agitated manually to release the olive. The most evolved vibratory machinery joins a self-propelled vibrator element and a collector umbrella to collect the olive as shown.

Manual with shingles: The plastic hand or rake / shingle is the most useful tool for collecting olive. It is a small plastic rake that greatly facilitates the collection of olives. Very light and comfortable to use and to be of plastic does not damage the branches of the olives. In the handle you can put a handle to reach the highest parts of the olive tree.


Olicatessen Olives, depending on the moment we harvest them in different ways, but ALWAYS with an inverted umbrella, to avoid touching the ground: 1. To avoid dirty and 2. They will be damaged when they are stuck.


At the beginning of the harvest, when the olives are very green we take them with “shingles” and / or applause. It is a laborious and slow process, but with the (green) state of the fruit it cannot be done otherwise.

Primer dia collita

When it begins to break the color (the ass of the olive settles purple), then we use the vibrator, to be able to faster. This system, although it may seem “aggressive” with the tree, which depends here on the trace that the farmer has, is very respectful of the fruit.

oliva arbequina

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