Prestige Gold for Olicatessen

Terraolivo is a non-profit organization in Israel, created to spread the culture of quality extra virgin olive oil.

In this fourth edition, there have been more than 500 samples from 20 countries and 80 regions.

Olicatessen olive oil from Molí dels Torms, SL, has been awarded “Prestige Gold”. This is the second year that participates in this international competition and strengthens the blend with Arbequina and local varieties from Les Garrigues, quality and prestige in recent years being recognized both internationally and nationally.

Olicatessen has been awarded with more 50 prices in its short career that particularly motivates the entire team to continue investing and innovating in the process of cultivation, production and processing of the flagship product of this company.

The tasting, “blind taste” has been done for 26 internationally recognized official tasters come from nine different countries (Italy, Japan, United States, Israel, Spain, Argentina, Greece, Portugal and Chile)

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One Response to Prestige Gold for Olicatessen

  1. Else.Marie Stoorgaard Fog says:

    Congratulations with prizewinning Olicatessen- it is so fine and has ‘ categoria’ what You sell in ALOY. I have been admiring the beautiful label- which in my opinion also indicates very high quality.
    Thank You for sending to me. I have also red the recipies and feel very temptated to try some of it.

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