Opening Day

We open the mill to those who are interested to see how Olicatessen is made a whole weekend.

Visit the fields (so you can see how we harvest the olives), we will elaborate the oil, you will be able to taste freshly milled oil, taste the oil that has been rested for few weeks! See, smell, touch, taste and degustation. And the once that wants can come and harvest with us ;0)

oliva arbequina


  • Saturday November 19th at 11.30am and at 16p.m
  • Sunday November 20th at 12pm.
  • We will serve a small lunch / snack with Els Torms products.

Molí dels Torms – Olicatessen
Carretera L701, Km 27,5
25164 Els Torms (Lérida)
Contact phone number: 650 943 621

Hope to see you!

(you can come accompanied by friends, family, children …)

Primer dia collita

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