this year Olicatessen for…

This year we recommend you Olicatessen for:

  • Salads, vegetables, and warm cream. It will enhance the vegetable aromas
  • To dress pasta, rice and potatoes.
  • For meat and grilled fish, grilled or steamed, used raw. The aromas increase with the heat and does not mask the flavors.
  • To fry vegetables that need a little oil (peppers, artichokes, asparagus ….) And omelets!

amanida_tomaquet_formatge blau

Olicatessen is a coupage of arbequina and local varieties from early harvest. The precise and strict process of elaboration gives at this olive oil very special characteristics.
Intense fruity and complexity where green aromas are predominant such as almond, artichoke, tomato, nuts, vegetables…
The bitterness and hot are very equilibrated give in mouth a nice silky and sweeping taste which extends the sensations of harmony and equilibrium.

Produced with olives from early crop and only from our estate.

Conservation recommendations:
Keep the oil away from hot spots, possibly from sunlight. Heat, light and oxygen are the main “enemies” of oil, altering the organoleptic and nutritional properties.

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