Olicatessen special? Because it is original!

Olicatessen special,
Because it is original

We are farmers by family tradition (8th generation), producers by conviction (since 2005 we have our own mill). We control the entire process from the farms to the packaging. And above all … We are passionate about extra virgin olive oil.

Equip Olicatessen

What type of oil is Olicatessen? and … why is it so special?

  • Medium-intense fruity of fresh and healthy olives with touches of vegetables, green almonds and tomato and green plantains.
    Complex in the mouth. It has a light and silky entrance, cullera olicatessen explosive as it gains temperature. The taste is reminiscent of old olive trees in areas with extreme weather.
    It is an oil with strong personality and presence. It is a sincere and “off-road” oil.
  • Collection: Early and manual, respecting the optimum moment of the olive. Grinding in less than 2 hours.
  • Elaboration: Extraction / cold milling and short whipping batidora
  • “Craft” process using current technology and suitable materials (stainless steel).
  • We decanter the oil instead of centrifuging to respect the vitamins and antioxidants
  • Storage in INOX separating depending on ripening, variety, farm …
  • Generation of 0 waste.
  • Varieties: Arbequina and old varieties recovered
  • Type of Cultivation: Traditional in dry land
Olivera centenaria

Olivera centenaria

  • Climatology: Sec. With harsh winters and dry summers. Strong thermal oscillations (night – day, winter – summer). little rainfall
  • Type of soil: Shallow and clayey soils.

Sometimes, few and clear words are better.

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