Olicatessen &

Weather and geology of the Mediterranean area benefits both the crop of olives and herbs, and are a fundamental reference in our cuisine.

Herbs surround the fields and in one way or another influence our olive oil. And as we have them available and are part of our landscape, cuisine and culinary tradition, we present Olicatessen &

Our traditional olive oil mixed with essential oil herbs from traditional Mediterranean territory: Fresh, intense, fragrant, stimulating …

It is not elaborated adding a branch herb or a piece of fruit. We elaborate with the essential oil of the plant, to prevent rancidity *.

We add to the Extra Virgin Olive Oil the essential oil thus maintaining the properties and characteristics of both oils.

Empowering, enriching and complementing each other.

This oil does not become rancid!

* The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a natural preservative to “protect” or keep a food or seasoning gives all its antioxidant properties to the other food, losing it (olive oil) all its organoleptic properties (what we name rancidity).

All the information at www.olicatessen.com

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