NEW: Mature Arbequina tapenade

Have you ever taste a mature Arbequina olive tapenade?

Historically, the Arbequina olive paste/tapenade is made with green olives. And we wonder why? And we startet to experiment and using every time a more ripen olives to see how it tastes, hot it behaves, what occurs, what offers diferents, how change the texture and the taste…

And … What did we find out? With a thin, soft, tasty, distinguished, elegant tapenade.

It is preceise to wait unitl the Arbequina is ripen without going over. So mature that is when it is crushed, the skin rises, making the paste 100% olive pulp.

It is true that the process is a bit more complicated. We have to wait until the ideal maturation point, the preparation is more difficult because of the mature fruit.
And for this reason this year we only made 2,000 units!

Will you miss tasting it?

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