Moli d’Oli de Ca l’Agustí

Located a few kilometers from Lleida, olive oil mill Ca l’Agustí is a unique site located in Alpicat (Segrià). The result of the restoration of this old mill, Serés-Santamaria family has created the Museu d’oli molí ca l’Agustí.

It is a place that offers a chance to relive a time in the recent history of this territory, where the way of life was closely linked to the land and everything that emanated from it.

This old mill has become a meeting point between past and present, which combine to perfection under the watchful eyes of the visitor.

In the Ca l’Agustí mill every corner, every stone and every object is presented as a witness to history …

Not to be missed.

Moli d’Oli de Ca l’Agustí
Phone: 973 736 112
Carrer Lleida, 19
25110 – Alpicat (Lleida)

Our visit at this mil:

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