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Moli dels Torms philosophy is the quality and respect that is applied to all equipment and processes that allows achieve the production of Olicatessen Olive Oil.

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  1. Harvesting: The finest care

    Each variety is harvest in the optimum moment, manually and by vibrator systems with an upside down umbrella so that the olive oil NEVER touches the ground. In few minutes the olives are in the mill and immediately are pressed to preserve all the proprieties and guarantee the best quality.

  2. Clean upon clean

    The cleaning of the olives is done firstly by a blowing-aspiration system, to suck leaves and branches though stemmer. For this purpose it was designed and built made to measure equipment that allows a full control over the waste product to reconvert them into compost.

  3. Cold Pressing and short beats

    The short beats at low temperatures (Below 25ºC) of the olive paste guarantees the maintenance of the organoleptic and chemical characteristics of the olives.

    The waste of this process, leaves, water and olive paste is converted by our own developed system into compost and used in the fields as natural fertilizer for the olive trees.

  4. Decanting better then centrifuging

    This way are preserved the natural conditions of the olive oil, as well as the vitamins and polyphenols so necessary for our health.

    The decanting system has more advantages like the use of the impurities to make soap, the non- production of unrecyclable wastes and the saving of water as the system does not need any.

  5. Store according on the personality

    During the harvest and pressing of the olive Oil, each day oil production is stored in different deposits depending also on the olive varieties, the area of the grove and the conditions of the olives. This allows maintaining the quality and characteristics of each olive oil and elaborating the organoleptic profile of each deposit.

  6. Bottled to customers demand

    To guarantee the personality, quality and optimum conditions of the olive oil, it is only bottled upon customers demand in recyclable containers minimizing the environmental impact.

    This way of working allows us to offer the customer an olive oil based on their favorite taste. Each deposit has its own organoleptic profile, which makes it possible to work the taste of the Olive oil in each occasion by a coupage technique or even achieve the ideal olive oil for the best dish of a restaurant chef.

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