Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Olicatessen

  • Bottle of 0,375 liters

    Dark glass bottle to prevent light and sun that may damage the natural properties of the olive oil. It has a drain stopper that avoids dripping oil, ideal for using as oilcan.
    Can be served individually packed.

    The intense fruity aroma of the green olives gives notes of almonds, artichoke, tomato …

  • Bottle of 0,5 liters

    Dark glass bottle with drain stopper that avoids dripping oil. For those that already have tasted this oil….

    Very fruity and harmonized, with a strong personality, own of the alive olive they do that this complex oil enhances the green and the cool end

  • Bottle of 0,250 liters

    Dark glass bottle with dosing cap that prevents dripping. A small format, which allows to be used as an oil bottle. To put it in baskets and as a gift, or for those who reserve it for very special occasions.

    In mouth, thick-bodied flavor and long, enveloping and very balanced.

  • Bottle of 100 ml

    An ideal format to enjoy Olicatessen when going on a trip, go out for a week end and do not want to carry much weight, but do not want to stop enjoying of a good tomato bread, a nice salad or give a special touch at the pasta, meat or fish and veggies.

    An small format for great moments

  • Can of 3 Liters

    The can is the ideal material to keep the oil. Do not let light or aromas through.

    A combination of autochthonous varieties and Arbequina as oil base. An early harvest and manufacturing in the state gives to this olive oil a very special personality

  • Can of 0,250 liters

    Can is one of the best formats that exist to preserve the olive oil. A fabulous material for trips as it is very resistant.

    An ideal format to have at the kitchen, to take for a weekend and to carry on a bag.

  • Special Edition

    Coupage 100% antique local varieties. This is a special limited edition. Provably unrepeatable. Created and produced with love, enthusiasm and passion.

    Expressive and concentrated oil with a consistent and fluid passage, very well balanced, cool, spacious and very persistent.

    The palate has a great diversity of vegetal aromas especially tomato and green almond.

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