The Olicatessen Olive Oil

This harvest, Olicatessen oilve oil is a coupage of arbequina, verdal and arbreblanc.

spider net taste 2013

spider net taste

This harvest, Olicatessen has been especially aromatic, very fruity, veggie (artichoke, almond, tomato, green grass, fennel and anise) and harmonious at nose.

The palate has a silky, enveloping and balanced, less spicy and bitter than other harvest, but extremely tasty

Coupage: Arbquina, verdal and arbreblanc

“How is Olicatessen elaborated?

Moli dels Torms philosophy is the quality and respect that is applied to all equipment and processes that allows achieve the production of Olicatessen Olive Oil. Nature, knowhow and technology make of Olicatessen an exclusive and delicate olive oil.

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