How to buy, maintain and use olive oil

When buying olive oil extra virgin , within the range that currently exists , the choice should depend on the use to which it will give you , as we are used to do with a wine to accompany each course is chosen , you can also choose and use an oil according to the food that you will prepare.

  • Extra virgin olive oil , sweet fruitiness . Oils extracted from olives late harvested: fruit for salads , sauces and ice cream, pastries, etc. .
  • Extra virgin olive oil , medium fruity . To dress salads , seafood dishes and finish (chicken or grilled fish or grilled ) , rice, pasta , potatoes, et .
  • Extra virgin olive oil , intense fruity . For stews, stir fries, gazpacho to dress and red meat.
  • Always keep the oil away from sources of heat and sun exposure. The best temperature to keep the oil is 16-18 degrees.

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