Olicatessen to the fair, at Organic Food Iberia

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Organic Food Iberia is presented as the new and exciting international and professional fair dedicated to promoting the food and wine industries, ecological, among the main buyers of organic products of the Iberian Peninsula and the rest of Europe.


Organic Food Iberia is established as the final educational, business and networking event of the year, which will take place at IFEMA (PABELLON 14), Madrid, on June 6 and 7, 2019.

June 6 from 9:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
June 7 from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m

Olicatessen will be at stand L600E (under the umbrella of PRODECA)

Do not miss it!!!

Ah! Only access to professionals (and if you sign up before the fair, it’s FREE!)

For any dinner guest Olicatessen is essential

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For any dinner guest
Olicatessen is essential

This month, we will talk about condiments based on extra virgin olive oil WITH essential oils.

The climate and geology of the Mediterranean area favors both the cultivation of olives and aromatic plants and are a fundamental reference in our kitchen.

Aromatic herbs surround the fields and in one way or another influence our Oil. And as we have them within reach and are part of our landscape, gastronomy and culinary tradition, we take advantage of them and create Olicatessen&.

Our traditional oil mixed with essential oil from the traditional aromatic herbs of the Mediterranean territory: Fresh, intense, perfumed, stimulating …
We add the Extra Virgin Olive Oil the essential oil allowing thus to maintain the properties and characteristics of the two oils.

Potentiate, enriching and complementing.

Use it to macerate and marinate meats, fish and vegetables, to add to the vinaigrettes and in spray to aromatize dishes.
The seasoning replaces the product (basil, mint, tarragon …), DOES NOT REPLACE the oil, complements it.

Olicatessen & Mint
They recommend this oil to dress the lettuce, chickpeas, peas and vegetable creams.
For fruits like strawberry, orange, pear and … especially, with chocolate
Some recipes:
French omelette: click here
Couscous : click here
Fruit salad: click here
Zucchini cream : click here

Olicatessen & Basil
It is ideal for rice, cheese, eggplant, mushrooms and mushrooms, vegetables, carpaccio and pasta.
Stuffed tomatoes: click here
Gaszpacho bonbons: click here
Pumpkin and sweet potato cream: click here

Olicatessen & Rosemary
This oil, with a stimulating aroma is especially suitable for cooking lamb, white meat and fish. And to season cheese and sweets (dark chocolate) and to make cakes.
Salad: click here
Cheeses: click here

Olicatessen & Tarragon
Recommended as a seasoning for stews, chicken, eggs and seafood.
Vegetarian lasagna: click here
Shirmps: click here
Asparragus: click here

Olicatessen & Thyme
The most common uses for this oil are for dressing, for cooking soups, white and red meat, blue fish, cheeses and white beans.
Veggy cream: click here
Stuffed potatoes: click here

Olicatessen & Garlic
The bread, pizza, pasta, chicken and soups is where we can get more out of it.

Olicatessen & Lemon and Ginger
Especially with fish, salads, chicken, duck and escaped fruit salads.
Iogurt llimona i Gingebre
Salad: click here
Fruit and yogurt salad: click here

Olicatessen & Mandarine and savory
Mushrooms, potatoes and sausages are the ideal allies for this oil. Also, to make vinaigrettes and dress olive.
Appetizer olives: click here

Artists drive a tractor – Sara Boldú

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Artists drive a tractor – Sara Boldú

Dates of the exhibition: April 5 to May 31, 2019
Place: Centre de l’Oli de la Granadella

Photographer Sara Boldú showcasing her project “Artists with a tractor” at “Centre de l’Oli de la Granadella”

A homage to the agriculture of the Les Garrigues region, seen from the sky, work done with a drone, showing how to till, harvest, mow, prune, harvest … are works that, when viewed from the sky, they become art.

In this exhibition tribute is paid to the land and the peasantry from an artistic, visual and poetic point of view.

Sara Boldú wants to transmit with this work, as human action through agriculture draws the landscape as if it were the canvas of a painting.

The exhibition consists of three parts, photography, audiovisual and testimonies of farmers.

This is the first field work of the director that over a year has traveled with a drone the region and its surroundings to record the different stages of the earth “The land seen from the air becomes a mosaic and the farmer in his artist. ”

In this video, you can see a part (very important) of the process we do in Olicatessen, the collection of the olive.

We LOVE this work and we are very PROUD of it. Thank you Sara! To dignify the work of the agricultor.

Els_artistes_van_tractor_sara i Venanci Guiu

Els_artistes_van_tractor_sara i Venanci Guiu

As a culinary element, Olicatessen is extraordinary

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As a culinary element,
Olicatessen is extraordinary

Extra virgin olive oil is an element / common ingredient in the kitchen, at least in the kitchens of the Mediterranean countries where we are producers.

That is why it is convenient to know how to use them and how we can make the best use of each of the oils that we have / buy.

With great brushstrokes, we could say that:
The sweet fruity oils, which mainly come from the coast (Siurana, Castellón ,,,, of mature arbequina or of the empeltre variety, among others), usually have a light fruity and a mild flavor, with tenuous or null notes of bitter. They are the ideal ones to combine with foods of delicate flavor. They are very suitable for:

  • mayonnaise
  • Replace the butter to make buns or other sweets.
  • ideal pastry
  • sweet salads
  • marinated
  • To play with textures

The average fruity oils, obtained from early harvests and especially from the interior, since the climate favors this type of oil. They have a more intense fruity and green, sweet at the mouth, but also more bitter and spicy. They are very versatile and combine very well with foods of defined flavors, but not extreme.
They are very suitable for:

  • Olicatessen_arrosVeal
  • Grilled chicken
  • mushrooms
  • Pasta and rice
  • vegetables
  • salads



The intense fruity oils, which especially occur in varieties such as picual, picudo, cornicabra, etc. They are oils with body and character, with intense green fruity notes and well defined bitter and spicy notes.
They are very suitable for:

  • gazpachos
  • red meats
  • Spoon dishes and pots.

Whether you invite or are invited, with Olicatessen success is assured

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Whether you invite or are invited,
with Olicatessen success is assured.

And many small details that make a meeting / meal different. And the oil, a product so ours, where we use it in most traditional dishes, can be a great differential when using one or the other.


With Olicatessen you have success assured! It will be spoken, do not have any doubt! A spicy point, very vegetable, highly aromatic, completely balanced .. what else can we ask for; 0)

Do you want to explain how you can use it? Look at it: “To dress and cook Olicatessen cannot miss