Olicatessen special? Because it is original!

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Olicatessen special,
Because it is original

We are farmers by family tradition (8th generation), producers by conviction (since 2005 we have our own mill). We control the entire process from the farms to the packaging. And above all … We are passionate about extra virgin olive oil.

Equip Olicatessen

What type of oil is Olicatessen? and … why is it so special?

  • Medium-intense fruity of fresh and healthy olives with touches of vegetables, green almonds and tomato and green plantains.
    Complex in the mouth. It has a light and silky entrance, cullera olicatessen explosive as it gains temperature. The taste is reminiscent of old olive trees in areas with extreme weather.
    It is an oil with strong personality and presence. It is a sincere and “off-road” oil.
  • Collection: Early and manual, respecting the optimum moment of the olive. Grinding in less than 2 hours.
  • Elaboration: Extraction / cold milling and short whipping batidora
  • “Craft” process using current technology and suitable materials (stainless steel).
  • We decanter the oil instead of centrifuging to respect the vitamins and antioxidants
  • Storage in INOX separating depending on ripening, variety, farm …
  • Generation of 0 waste.
  • Varieties: Arbequina and old varieties recovered
  • Type of Cultivation: Traditional in dry land
Olivera centenaria

Olivera centenaria

  • Climatology: Sec. With harsh winters and dry summers. Strong thermal oscillations (night – day, winter – summer). little rainfall
  • Type of soil: Shallow and clayey soils.

Sometimes, few and clear words are better.

Olicatessen at the exhibition “Artists drive tractors”, in Niu Barcelona, from June 5 to July 21, 2019

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SARA Boldú Botam, photographer
Dates: from June 5 to July 21, 2019

‘Artists drive tractors’

SARA Boldú Botam


This photographic exhibition shows how human action, through agriculture, draws the landscape as a canvas. It is a tribute to the land and the peasantry from an artistic, visual and poetic point of view.

The video artist Sara Boldú Botam (Les Borges Blanques, 1977) has gone through the agricultural activity of several farmers to record the different stages and crops (pear, apple, peach, vine, barley, olives, almonds …). Plow, mow, prune, harvest, harvest … The land seen from the air, becomes a mosaic and the farmer in his artist.
Wednesday, JUNE 05 at 8:00 p.m.

A small sample ….


With Olicatessen on your plate the success is ensured

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With Olicatessen on your plate
the success is ensured


  1. Harvest method1er_dia_collita_nens_w
    As soon as you pick an olive, it starts to die. Certain enzymes become active and worsen the taste. Any damage makes it worse. Quality harvest is therefore done by hand while standing on a grid as to minimize the damage.
  2. Little time between pick and press
    It’s a traditional belief that olives should be pressed within 24 hours to keep quality. But we found that the sooner you press, the better the taste. That’s why we take each batch from every tree to the mill immediately. Maximum time between pick and press is maximum of 2 hours. THAT’S AN ESTATE OIL!
  3. Early harvest oliva arbequina
    When you sell by the kilo, you want to wait until the olive is very mature, so you get higher performance. If you want great taste, you harvest when the olives have just start ripening. We love them green…
  4. Press under 24º
    The lower the temperature, the higher quality you get. By law, ‘cold pressed’ oil must be pressed beneath 27º – the limit at which vitamins, polyphenols and phenols survive. However, the warmer you press, the more oil comes out of the olives. And since there’s in no way proof of the press temperature afterwards, this aspect might be tempting for some…
    We, at our mill, press between 14º and 24º.
  5. Low acidity
    Acidity (indicating free fatty acid content) shows to what extend the oil is ‘affected’ by any means. This could be from bad olives, improper milling or inadequate storage. Regulation allows oils with acidity up to 0,8 to be named Extra Virgin. This designation is by many seen as a criterion for quality. We think it’s a pretty broad criterion though, since real quality oils have an acidity of 0,1 or max 0,2.
  6. Estate oil diposits_olicatessen
    Olicatessen comes from one estate having its own mill. That’s important to know, since only under these conditions the process can be perfected to the last detail.
  7. Organic…of course
    If our intention is to make a great quality olive oil, it must also be great on the whole, don’t you agree? Great to health, to the palate, to the environment and to our territory. We see this not only as a matter of coherence but as our responsibility too.

Olicatessen to the fair, at Organic Food Iberia

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Organic Food Iberia is presented as the new and exciting international and professional fair dedicated to promoting the food and wine industries, ecological, among the main buyers of organic products of the Iberian Peninsula and the rest of Europe.


Organic Food Iberia is established as the final educational, business and networking event of the year, which will take place at IFEMA (PABELLON 14), Madrid, on June 6 and 7, 2019.

June 6 from 9:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
June 7 from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m

Olicatessen will be at stand L600E (under the umbrella of PRODECA)

Do not miss it!!!

Ah! Only access to professionals (and if you sign up before the fair, it’s FREE!)

For any dinner guest Olicatessen is essential

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For any dinner guest
Olicatessen is essential

This month, we will talk about condiments based on extra virgin olive oil WITH essential oils.

The climate and geology of the Mediterranean area favors both the cultivation of olives and aromatic plants and are a fundamental reference in our kitchen.

Aromatic herbs surround the fields and in one way or another influence our Oil. And as we have them within reach and are part of our landscape, gastronomy and culinary tradition, we take advantage of them and create Olicatessen&.

Our traditional oil mixed with essential oil from the traditional aromatic herbs of the Mediterranean territory: Fresh, intense, perfumed, stimulating …
We add the Extra Virgin Olive Oil the essential oil allowing thus to maintain the properties and characteristics of the two oils.

Potentiate, enriching and complementing.

Use it to macerate and marinate meats, fish and vegetables, to add to the vinaigrettes and in spray to aromatize dishes.
The seasoning replaces the product (basil, mint, tarragon …), DOES NOT REPLACE the oil, complements it.

Olicatessen & Mint
They recommend this oil to dress the lettuce, chickpeas, peas and vegetable creams.
For fruits like strawberry, orange, pear and … especially, with chocolate
Some recipes:
French omelette: click here
Couscous : click here
Fruit salad: click here
Zucchini cream : click here

Olicatessen & Basil
It is ideal for rice, cheese, eggplant, mushrooms and mushrooms, vegetables, carpaccio and pasta.
Stuffed tomatoes: click here
Gaszpacho bonbons: click here
Pumpkin and sweet potato cream: click here

Olicatessen & Rosemary
This oil, with a stimulating aroma is especially suitable for cooking lamb, white meat and fish. And to season cheese and sweets (dark chocolate) and to make cakes.
Salad: click here
Cheeses: click here

Olicatessen & Tarragon
Recommended as a seasoning for stews, chicken, eggs and seafood.
Vegetarian lasagna: click here
Shirmps: click here
Asparragus: click here

Olicatessen & Thyme
The most common uses for this oil are for dressing, for cooking soups, white and red meat, blue fish, cheeses and white beans.
Veggy cream: click here
Stuffed potatoes: click here

Olicatessen & Garlic
The bread, pizza, pasta, chicken and soups is where we can get more out of it.

Olicatessen & Lemon and Ginger
Especially with fish, salads, chicken, duck and escaped fruit salads.
Iogurt llimona i Gingebre
Salad: click here
Fruit and yogurt salad: click here

Olicatessen & Mandarine and savory
Mushrooms, potatoes and sausages are the ideal allies for this oil. Also, to make vinaigrettes and dress olive.
Appetizer olives: click here