Tomato salad with fresh cheese and nuts

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This recipe also comes from the days of confinement …. it seems that we had a great period of culinary creativity!

Of culinary creativity and of monitoring a little the calories that we were ingesting, that after 4 weeks, we already began to notice. Especially the little ones, who are used to doing so much sport, breaking the rhythms … well, that. Good things, that we had at home, and low in calories.

And now that the warmth comes and the garden begins to bear its fruits, this recipe comes as a ring to the finger! Let’s go there!

Tomato salad with fresh cheese and nuts, seasoned with Olicatessen and herb powder for salads.

Well, it seems to me that there is not much explanation, but here it comes:

Clean the tomato very well and dry it with a clean cloth. Cut into cubes, into slices, … and place on a tray large enough to allow us to stir easily.

We take the fresh cheese and either cut it or crumble it.

We like 70% tomato – 30% fresh cheese.

And now the seasoning! Umh! I love!

Well, we add some walnuts and sesame (we like them a lot, we are quite generous), we add the special herb powder salads and organic extra virgin olive oil Olicatessen. NOTHING MORE!

You are always on time to add salt and / or vinegar. But I advise you to try it just as we have.
And I will not say anything else so as not to “step on” the surprise.


Herbal powder is made by Joan, from Aromis. It is a small producer of saffron and aromatic herbs from Conca de Barbarà. It also has all certified organic production and is as meticulous as we are.

The dried fruit in this case we have used walnuts and sesame. Crit d’Or brings it to us, passionate about dried fruit, which by the way we prepare it we have been meeting the world and have become friends. Total, that now we cannot live without each other; 0)

Ecotrama rewards Olicatessen with a silver medal

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Silver Medal for Olicatessen at Ecotrama 2020

This 2020, the XIX International Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Quality Contest, EcoTrama, was held in Córdoba.

The great novelty has been to do the classification tasting among olive trees. A great idea and a beautiful and unique experience, in these times both “strange” and complex.


We especially like this award, because like all those who are specialized in organic production, they understand and take into account the complexity of this type of production. The associations, groups, institutions … that support, encourage and give support to this type of production, deserve great recognition and thanks from us.

Obviously, these contests reward quality. But it is the quality of a product, the result of a way of doing, producing responsibly, taking care of the territory, not over-exploiting the use of water, respecting local varieties, finding natural balances and working to avoid generating residues, of completing natural cycles without pressing and exploiting nature … that is, we start from the same base and common principles. We love it!

Very happy, proud of the result and with energy to embark on a new campaign, which now begins the countdown.

Thank you and we hope you can enjoy this oil!


Timbale of white beans, marinated tomato, tuna and zucchini noodles

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These days of confinement, has given for many things, but since we do not have the same physical activity, we have had to adapt the diet a little. Basically not to roll out, but continue to have a balanced diet.

Some of the “news” we have tried have been a complete success at home. So we share some of the most successful recipes and add them to our “monthly menu”.

Timbale of white beans, marinated tomato, tuna and zucchini noodles



The white bean, we can cook it at home or it can also be one of these canned. There are frankly good ones. We do them here, but some friends have already told us that the other one is also left to lick their fingers. So we leave this point open.

Another aspect that we love about this dish is that it can be served cold (salad type) or hot or warm.

1 marinated tomato It is the first thing we have to do, because we have to let it marinate for a long time. Minimum 2 hours, ideal about 12.
Peel the tomato and cut it into cubes. We reserve it in a glass bowl or tupper and season it with Olicatessen & rosemary (it is a condiment based on organic extra virgin olive oil with rosemary essential oil). And reserve, preferably in the fridge. Salt just before serving.

2 White beans. Make a small sauce of onion and red pepper. Once it is done, we add the white beans, and let it infuse for a few minutes.

3 Tuna. Drain the tuna well. 2 garlic cloves are chopped very small (to taste), and we mix it with the tuna while we crumble it. We reserve.

4 zucchini noodles. We clean and peel (zest – potatoes) the zucchini. With the potato peeler, we make the noodles trying to be the entire length. Come on, don’t break. Once we have them all, we boiled them for a minute and a half. So they are al “dente”.

Now it’s time to mount the timpani.

Remember that it can be cold or hot. I recommend that either all cold or all hot. And I suggest using a round mold and layering.

Option 1. Zucchini noodles + white beans + tuna + marinated tomato

Option 2- white beans + tuna + marinated tomato + zucchini noodles.



Bon apetit!

Gold Medal for Olicatessen in BIOL

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Gold Medal for Olicatessen in BIOL

The BIOL 2020 Contest, organized by CIBI srl and the BiolItalia association, is an international contest that promotes the quality of organic extra virgin olive oil production.

Only oils controlled and certified according to IFOAM standards, current national, European and international regulations are admitted to the contest. The oils presented must comply with the IOC regulations.

In this 25th edition, Olicatessen has been awarded the Gold Medal. A great distinction that is received with great joy, especially on these dates.

certificat_Premi_premio_award_BIOL_ 2020_Olicatessen

certificat_Premi_premio_award_BIOL_ 2020_Olicatessen

In each edition, ten producers (the Top 10) are awarded, out of more than 300 producers that present each year, from 17 different countries, from the 5 continents.

All the winning oils have been analyzed by independent laboratories to verify and offer confidence to the Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil sector.

Olicatessen – Molí dels Torms, SL appreciates the exigency, rigor and prudence of the organization.

Olive Oil bread

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Olive Oil bread

Seen the success of the picture we posted on Instagram, and many asked for the recipe … here it comes!

Olicatessen pa

pa amb oli – pan de aceite – bread with olive oil

½ kg of flour (whatever you have !!!)
325 gr of water
5 g fresh yeast
10 grams of salt
20 g of Olicatessen oil; 0)

Mix flour and salt. Go adding little by little the water. At the end, add the fresh yeast.

It is not necessary to knead, just mix it with a spatula and you have it ready in less than 5 minutes. Cover with a damp cloth and let stand 30 minutes.

After this time, make a light kneading (without breaking the dough, as if folding it over itself), and let it sit for another 30 minutes.

Repeat the “kneading” (fold 5 times over the same mass) and let stand 90 minutes, covered with a damp cloth.

The dough will have doubled (or more) its size. Add the oil, slowly. The dough should get a little damp.

Cut the dough into bars (it can also be done as a loaf of bread) and add the spices / cheese / nuts, whatever you want! Here the imagination … to power!

The dough should be treated very carefully. You need to make sure it does not tear.
Put the oven at 250ºC. Open the oven, place a glass of water in it and insert the bars and switch off the oven. Leave for 10 minutes. Turn on the oven again at 200 ° C for about 20 minutes (if it is a loaf of bread, about 40 minutes).

And that’s it. It is a little long but very simple.

And it has been so successful that some pictures have been sent to us. This if we did not expect it and it has been very cool!

Thank you, Garbiñe from Irun

And this one is from Salvador and Yas from Barcelona