At Olicatessen we keep on working

Under the circumstances caused by the Covid-19 that we are experiencing these days, in Olicatessen we continue working, although we are implementing specific sanitary and hygiene measures, in order to be able to continue our activity and try to minimize the impact that we are all suffering.

Above all, we want to guarantee the safety and health of workers, families, consumers and suppliers. And it is for this reason that we are adapting to the evolution of the situations that are generated.

Shipments, so far, works “normally”, but deliveries (given the transport situation) may take longer than usual. We are convinced that you understand it.

We will continue to assist you by phone and email, but you can NOT assist you at the mill.

You can contact us on the phones: +34 973 128 362 or+34 650 943 621 or by email:

We do send you a big-secure-digital hug

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