Awarded by Agustí Serés Contest

Moli dels Torms has been awarded the III Contest in memoriam Agustí Serés, which awards the company / organization / person that most do for the promotion and diffusion of extra virgin olive oil culture with original and limited resources.

Since we started this project in 2005 we have worked to do the things well done, as we like.

In 2008 we were awarded as the most innovative agricultural food company (prize Tastum) that filled us with satisfaction and pride, for our bet in the entire production process that was ambitious and risky. Work differently than the rest and it is not easy!

We have won awards and revalidated awards year after year by the olive oil we produce which shows that we continuously improve and work to make an exceptional product. In 2010-2011 we won the prize of the Ministry of Agriculture as the best organic olive oil from Spain. SPECTALCULAR. We are still impressed and thrilling!

And now, as the result of our dedication, care and passion that we put in how we do things (not just the product), we have been recognized by Agustí Serés Award in memoriam Moli de Ca l’Agustí.

All this only gives us strength and encourages us to keep a our way, encourage us with the direction we took, makes us continue investing in our territory, our varietals and explore, to try new things, innovating processes, coupages, formats …

We all are happy and grateful!!

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