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Merry Christmas!

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Why organic?

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Sometimes, I find very interesting items when it comes to organic / biological and benefits of their consumption, but they are a bit dense and sometimes even technically complicated. I liked this because it is clear and direct. I send … Continue reading

Olicatessen Poetry

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Leonci Canals sends us a poetry that has inspired the day he came to the open house. It is seen that the artists (in this case a poet) can be found when least expected. Thank you! Olicatessen Oli nat a … Continue reading

Raventos i Blanc is not cava anymore

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No words to describe it would be better. Where it says cava, we say extra virgin olive oil, where it says Raventos i Blanc we say Olicatessen, where it says DO Cava we say DO Garrigues… clearer than water! Article … Continue reading