1,500 units Venanci’s coupage

As you know in the Moli dels Torms / Olicatessen we believe in local varieties and make a great effort to get them back in our territory.

They are varieties that were “lost” basically because of its low efficiency despite having a great organoleptic value (aromas and excellent sensory nuances) and the only knowledge that remains is what has been passed from generation to generation. Venanci, our mill Master, is the 8th generation, and has prepared this oil.

After nine years, we can make a blend of these varieties. And we call it “Venanci ” because he has been through, now we have this oil.


Expressive and concentrated oil with a consistent and fluid passage, very well balanced, cool, spacious and very persistent.

The palate has a great diversity of vegetal aromas especially tomato and green almond.

The mouthfeel is dense, harmonious, soft input and growing rapidly. Intense and complex in equal parts. Why do you recommend? Well …. not end up, but to enjoy it, taste it, palate it …

We do not know when we will be able to repeat, because some of the olives are capricious and not always behave the same.
Will you miss it?

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